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One of the goals we have at Hostwork is preserving resources.
It makes very good sense from an economical point of view too:

Resources = Money. Reducing waste saves money.

Here's what we've done so far to minimize our impact on the
environment and the resources potentially saved as a result:

Action Why Saves Ratio
Quarterly billing This makes accounting less tedious for everyone and saves 2/3 of the paperwork required. Paper 66%
Invoices by email Unless requested by mail, it saves time and paper. Paper 100%
Envelope-less invoice mailing Although we hardly ever send invoices by regular mail, when needed, simply folding our invoices and printing the address on the back saves unnecessary envelopes. Paper 50%
E-payment By accepting credit card payments, we save another envelope and it is more convenient.
We plan on accepting checks online as well.
Paper 100%

No bulk mail ads

Most people discard junk mail without reading it and few recycle it. We mostly rely on search engines and word of mouth. Paper 100%
No brochures Anything paper can do to present a company, the web can do better. Web pages can be updated, brochures can't. Paper 100%
Using LCD rather than CRT Liquid Crystal Displays use far less energy than regular computer monitors, they are gentler on the eyes and radiation-free. Electricity 75%
Natural lighting Our Southern California location allows us to use sunlight year-round. Electricity 100%
No commuting All our work can be done from any computer and transmitted via the Internet. Much cheaper, cleaner, safer and faster than commuting. Gas 100%

We use recycled paper and we recycle everything we use.

Reducing our negative impact is only part of our commitment,
we also want to increase our positive impact.
To do so, we use a significant portion of our revenues to finance environmental research and education, and offer free advertising to some organizations.


Any company can and should take measures to recycle and reduce waste.
A wealth of information is available on the web to help you accomplish this.
Get started now by visiting the EPA's EnviroSense and WasteWise pages.

Hostwork International is an EnergyStar® and WasteWise partner.

Environmental Defense Org.

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