z2sidX userland for the zipit z2

Based on debian sid.

2 users set up by default. root password root. user password user.

The system auto logs in as user at boot and starts the desktop environment.

The keymapping is standard to the other zipit userlands.

The smily face = esc

The zipit key = tab

Alt = alt

= ctrl

D-pad = arrow keys

Options key turns on and off the mouse (d-pad)

Mouse buttons are: center of d-pad = right click, stop button = left click

Commonly asked “where are these keys?”

alt+next = ~

ctrl+backspace = |

alt+. = }

alt+, = {

shift+. = >

shift+, = <

ctrl+shift+j = (

ctrl+shift+k = )

alt+prev = scroll up (in irssi)

alt+next = scroll down (in irssi)

shift+prev = scroll up (in terminal)

shift+next = scroll down (in terminal)

Keybindings for desktop shortcuts:

ctrl+m = menu

ctrl+t = terminal

ctrl+r = run prompt

ctrl+l = close window

ctrl+n = next window

ctrl+p = previous window

ctrl+q = backlights off

ctrl+w = backlights on

To adjust lcd and keyboard backlights manually, run as root:

lcd max high med low off

keys max high med low off

Use ctrl+m to open the menu, navigate with arrow keys, esc goes back, enter selects.

Installed software shows up in “Applications”. Use right arrow key to open the applications menu.

Download here: z2sidX-v5 MD5SUM 3cbc46da03c5b6cc6d81558a386f72fc

This will be the last x11 release for awhile so I can concentrate of revamping the

console version of z2sid.

Mozzwald made the needed changes to v5 for you ubooted people. Download here:

z2sidX-v5-uboot MD5SUM: 115370aacdbb5f95d71459cf26707930

Changes from v4:

Fixed keys script.

Fixed the : and ; keys (they were swapped around by mistake)

Fixed sound issue in prboom (and other applications)

Added Dillo browser.

Dropbear (sshd) now starts by default again.

Disabled power button to avoid accidental shutdowns (use menu → power off)


To cycle through channels in irssi somewhat easily just hit esc (smiley) then alt+channel #

Example: esc (release esc key) then hold alt+3 will jump to window 3

There are 2 wifi connect scripts included. If one doesn't work reboot and try the other.

Notes: Some people report problems with apt-get crashing. We think we have narrowed

this down to certain SD card types, brands and speeds. If apt segfaults on you, I advise

trying again with another SD card.