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Domain Name

This is any domain name of your choice (e.g.

If you already have a domain name, it has to point to your account on our server, by updating the DNS record at your registrar.

If needed, additional domain names can be registered and configured to point to the same account.

Sub-domains such as or can be created as well.
If you register your domain through us, you may configure the DNS yourself and point sub-domains to any location on or off-site, at no additional cost.

Disk Space

This is the amount of storage space reserved to your site on any of our servers.
We provide much more space than is typically needed, allowing your site to grow significantly without running out of space.
Most HTML pages use between 1 and 20 kilobytes, while images usually range between 2 and 50 kilobytes, depending on their dimensions, format and compression used.
Accordingly, if your average web page takes 40 kilobytes of space, you should have enough room to store as many as 10,000 pages including graphics.


Monthly Transfer
Our monthly traffic allowance provided is at least 10 times more than the average site needs.
Each Gigabyte of transfer is equal to approximately 100,000 hits.

Please refer to our policies for specific limitations on some high-bandwidth protocols.

Secure Server

Secure server access is provided on all accounts, we use the Power Apache server to encrypt any information you desire that is read or transmited through a web browser.
You may either generate and install your own certificate, or install one generated by a third party.
Once a valid certificate has been installed, all communication between the server (e.g. and the client is encrypted using 128bit SSLeay encryption.

POP Email Accounts

POP accounts allow users to retrieve their mail directly from programs such as Eudora, Netscape, YAM, etc.

Up to 50 POP accounts can be created from the Control Panel. The first one is created by default as and you can specify the user names you want for additional ones, optionally adding FTP and/or SSH access.
Additional POP accounts are available for an extra $2.00/account/year and in most cases won't be necessary as you may create additional addresses by using aliases and forwarding.


Telnet/SSH and FTP Login Accounts

Each domain includes a Secure Telnet Shell (SSH) and FTP (file transfer) login account.

Additional login accounts can be created from the Control Panel
SSH gives you access to unix shells such as bash (default), sh and csh. This is normally used to make changes to site files, settings and authorizations. Access to virtual root-level directories has been made possible, allowing you to configure various system parameters as well (at your own risks).

FTP is the standard protocol used to add/remove web pages, directories, scripts, etc, on your site. Various GUI and text based interfaces are available for most operating systems.


Sub-user Accounts

When a new POP account is created, a seperate html sub-directory is added for that user and can be browsed at
Even without FTP access, the user can login and manage his/her web pages by using the Control Panel.

Email Forwarding

Whether you create an email alias for an employee, a friend, or simply don't want to check several POP mailboxes, this feature allows you to configure the email server so that all incoming mail for a specific will be forwarded automatically to one or more

Email Aliases

This feature allows you to create "virtual usernames" such as and have all incoming mail addressed to any of these usernames go to any of your POP accounts.
Additionally this feature can be configured to accept mail addressed to, allowing messages containing typos in the username to be accepted or forwarded as well.

This feature allows you to configure the mail server to reply automatically with a predefined message when it receives an email addressed to any given recipient such as
It can also be used to acknowledge the reception of incoming messages.

Spam Filters

This feature helps prevent unsollicited emails a.k.a "spam" from being delivered into your mailboxes. Spam filters screen incoming messages and discard any message with a sender, subject, or body matching any text string from the list you created.

Web Site Access Statistics

AWStats 4 comes pre-installed. This is a very powerful tool for tracking visitors to your site. It will tell you where they came from, what keyword they used on what search engine, what pages they visited, what browser and operating system they were using, etc, and produce various graphical charts.

Database Support

MySQL is a full featured database engine. To facilitate database administration, we included PHPmyAdmin.
More info can be obtained from an

PhpMyAdmin makes managing databases very easy. No knowledge of the MySQL language is required. With its web-based user interface, you can:

Create and drop databases, create, copy, drop and alter tables, delete, edit and add fields, execute any SQL-statement, even batch-queries, manage keys on fields, load text files into tables, create (*) and read dumps of tables, export (*) and import data to CSV values, administer multiple servers and single, databases, check referential integrity, create complex queries automatically connecting required tables, create PDF graphics of your Database layout. All of this can be done in one of 41+ different languages.
More info can be obtained from


In addition to Perl/CGI script, our server also supports the HTMLScript language.
Please visit Miva's home page for more information.

Dynamic HTML
Using hidden tags or commands within the HTML, the server can modify your web pages on the fly.
Three forms of parsing are provided: PHP, SSI (Server Side Includes), and CGI.

There are many uses for Dynamic HMTL, such as inserting content, visible or hidden text counters, serving visitors different pages depending on the browser they use, or even serve pages in different languages based on the visitor's locale settings or IP address.

Custom 404 Page

By placing a file in your main directory called missing.html you will be able to give a custom page instead of the default "Error 404 file not found" to any viewer whose browser requests a file that does not exist on your domain.
For example you could put a site map on that page, or a comment form to let your visitors report where they found a bad link.

Password Protected Directories
This feature allows you to prevent unauthorized access to some directories and their content. Such directories can only be accessed by entering a specific user ID and password.

Remote Design

We provide FrontPage98/2002 support.
This is a simple editor. To use this feature, you must have it installed on your computer as well.
Although frontpage does not completely disable regular CGI access, there will be a few scripts that will not work properly while this is in use.
Because of various issues, this option is not installed by default and must be selected when you place your order.
We recommend using an HTML compliant editor instead and we also provide other ways to create a web site such as an online page editor and a file manager in the Control Panel for its maintenance.

Web Site Control Panel screenshot

The Web Site Control Panel is a general purpose web administration system.
It allows you to handle most aspects of the system, add features, add/edit your email aliases, forwarding, lists, autoresponders, users, passwords, etc.

Its file manager lets you change the name, location, content, and permissions on any of your files or directories, it handles uploads and other aspects of file maintenance.
If you are familiar with HMTL and/or Perl you can use its built-in editor to quickly alter web pages and scripts.

Squirrel Web-based Email Access

Squirrel is a full-featured web-based email client. It gives you access to any of your POP mailboxes from any browser and is especially useful when you are on the road. It has all the common features of a normal email service, without annoying popup ads, and can handle attachments. See for more information

Online Help

In-depth help is available from our online help section. It includes Support Desk, a source of tutorials, promotion tools and outsourced 24h live tech support by email, our Online Manual which covers each feature in great detail, the FAQ which provides answers to general questions and theTips & Tricks which help you get more out of your web site.
An experimental AI support chat robot is provided too, mostly for entertainment purposes.

Email Help

We provide unlimited support by email. You'll get the answer to any question, simple or advanced, within 24 hours. We do our very best to help you solve any problem, no matter how complex it may be.


Each domain has its own cgi-bin directory for running Perl scripts and for more flexibility, we also support Java, C/C++, TCL, and Python. Many Perl modules are pre-installed, others may be added on a case-by-case basis.

You may add your own scripts and modify the pre-installed ones if needed.

Note: Some restrictions may apply on the type of system resources your scripts are allowed to use. Consult our policies for more information.

Error Logs

This is a feature of the Apache web server. It logs any error encountered while trying to respond to requests from the web. It is mostly useful to locate invalid links, missing pages, and to debug CGI scripts.


This is a very easy to use form processor. It simplifies the implementation of single page order forms, feedback forms, and other applications for which the content of a form should be validated and emailed back to you.

Much like FormMail, this is a form-to-email processor. Additionally it uses templates to format and email you the content of submitted forms.


Unlike other mediums, the internet allows people to quickly find any product and do their shopping from anywhere at anytime. Placing orders has become even easier since the introduction of online order forms and online shopping carts.

A single page order form is already pre-installed and can be customized at will. All orders are automatically emailed to a pre-defined address.
"It's An Order", a basic shopping cart, is also available for each account. It allows easy maintenance of one or more products, and calculates the total cost including shipping and any applicable tax. An order confirmation can be sent to both the client and the store.

If you need instant credit cards verification, Commerce.cgi, a more sophisticated shopping carts, can be installed. You may also install your own or we can create a custom one for you.

Credit Cards Processing
If you want instant credit card validation to take place automatically from your shopping cart, you will need to obtain an online merchant account. Online credit card processing will typically cost you $300 to setup and $25-50 per month. See the Tips section for a link to our preferred account provider.
If you already have a credit card terminal at your business location, you can save a bundle by simply retrieving new orders from your site and processing the credit cards directly on your terminal.

Pre-Installed Scripts

Pre-installed scripts are programs written in Perl which have been customized to contain references to your web site address. You are free to further customize these scripts to your liking. This is only a partial list. Check your cgi-bin directory and your control panel for new scripts.

Site Search: This script allows your visitors to search for a text string. It returns a list of links to all the pages containing the search string. This feature can also be added directly on any page, using an input field.
Counters: Can easily be added to any page. Three variants are available, text, graphic and hidden.
Bulletin Board: Also refered to as a "forum". Much like Usenet, it allows people to leave messages, questions, wanted and for sale ads, etc. When someone responds to a post, threads are automatically created and links to homepages or email addresses can be added as well.
Guest Book: Similar to the paper version, this book is for the visitors who want to leave a few words behind for posterity and others to see.
Free Links: This is where your visitors can add a link to their web page with a short description.
Random Text: This script adds random quotes, reminders, links, etc. on any page. Uses SSI.
Click and Go: A very useful feature to let visitors select a product from a list and jump directly to its page.
Database: A simple database with boolean search functions. Records can be added and searched online. The script can be customized to send email notifications and the page can be modified to prevent others from adding records. (Installation upon request only)

Other Scripts: Text based SSI Counter, Postcards, Quiz Master, Vote/Polling, JavaChat, HTmaiL, and more.

Many scripts can be installed from the Control Panel, some are installed upon request only. Most scripts are ready to run from their related page/directory, a few may require specific tags to be added on your pages.

Note: You can always install your own scripts and many are available for free from various archives on the internet.


Real Audio/Video 6.0 G2

This is a popular streaming protocol used for sound and images. It allows large files to be received and played progressively by most browsers.

It is recommended for news, sports, games and music related websites. Visit Real's web site for more detail.

Miva Merchant

Miva Merchant is a powerful e-commerce engine including an advanced API facilitating the creation and maintenance of large scale online stores. Many applications are available for it from the Miva web site and 3rd parties.


This is a very flexible tool for interacting with your customers or clients. In simple terms its an interactive style newsletter that allows all subscribers to distribute information.
There are many configurable features including automatic subscribe and unsubscribe and much more. Each list can email up to 1500 messages per day, more upon request.


Submit Site to Search Engines

Your site will automatically be added to the most popular "spiders" such as Google, Inktomi and Webcrawler.

If you would like to have your site submitted to the vast majority of search engines, directories and other listings, we recommend using a 3rd party to handle this task as it represents more than 400 submissions, and would take several weeks to accomplish manually. Such service is available at the support desk (once you have registered).
This must be done after your site is completed as its content will be indexed by these search engines.

Domain Name Registration

At your option we can register a new domain name for you, using the information you provided on the Order Form. New registrations, transfers and renewals are $20.00/year on .com, .net and .org. TLDs. The annual fee for other TLDs such as .tv or .info may vary. Check the rates by clicking the "domain registrations" link on our home page.
If you don't have a credit card, we'll submit the registration for you once we have received your check or money order.
If you already own a domain name, its name server record has to be modified to point to our servers. We can request the transfer on your behalf, or you can provide your registrar with our DNS information.

Note: Unless you are located in the U.S. you might prefer to use your national extension (e.g. .ca in Canada) especially if your activities are limited to your geographical area. Registration fees may differ between U.S. and foreign domain registrars. Consult the appropriate registration authority for current pricing information.


When you open a new account, we require a security deposit equal to one month of service. This deposit guarantees that your web site won't be deleted for 30 days, should your monthly payment ever be late.
When you close your account, your deposit can either be used to pay for your last month or be refunded if your monthly payment has already been made.

Monthly Fee

We accept all major credit cards, paypal, personal checks and money orders.

The minimum payment is 1 month plus deposit (last month).
Please consult our terms of service for more information on payment.
Note: You get one month free for each new customer you refer to us.

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